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The educational materials on this site can be used by all students, regardless of location, course of study, or text/reference book.  The material is organized to be consistent with the textbook bbooky T. Marlin.

BOOK SITE - Obtain a free copy!

Click on the "Book Site" link to access the book page, from which you can read and/or download the book in Adobe pdf format.  You may store the files on your computer, courtesy of the author, without cost to you.


If you want read reviews of the book published in journals, click on REVIEWS.


SOLUTIONS MANUAL (Instructors only)

A manual containing the solutions to selected end-of-chapter questions is available for use by university instructors.  The manual is in electronic (Adode) format.  Conditions for its use are

  • The contents will be held confidential except for solutions to selected problems assigned during the presentation of an academic course.
  • The manual will not be posted in hardcopy or electronically on any internet site, regardless of password protection.
  • The manual will not be shared with others.  If another instructor would like a copy, he/she may request a copy from this site.


Please send an email with your request, including

  • your position at the educational institution (e.g., professor, lecturer, etc.),
  • the name and physical address of your university and department,
  • the process control course name and number, and
  • the URL for your personal university internet site that confirms your position as a faculty member at a university. 


Send the email to  marlint@mcmaster.ca

You will receive a return email with instructions on how to access an electronic version of the solutions manual.


If you want to contact the author, send an email to: