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This material has been prepared to assist university students and practicing engineers to learn process control and enjoy it at the same time.  The site is open to anyone, whether registered at McMaster or not.


Content enhanced for 2016 with a copy of the textbook, e-Lessons, and updated Sample Course 


 Key for site pages

Learning Support - Students will use this page extensively.  It contains links to the textbook chapter, e-Lesson, Quiz, and Tutorial for each chapter.  The new e-Lessons are here.

Sample Course - Instructors will use this page when tailoring their course for these learning materials.  A discussion of the "flipped classroom" shows a method for integraing the e-Lessons, and sample class workshops are provided.

Instrumentation - Physical side of control with many valuable links.  All engineers will need this knowledge, whether or not they practice process control.

WEB-based  Resources - Additional sites from other authors.

Process Operability - Process design topics closely related to process control.

Textbook - Obtain pdf copy of textbook for free!  Instructors can request a textbook solutions manual.

MACC Research - McMaster Industrial Control Consortium.  Describes some of the current research projects.  You can consider McMaster for graduate studies.  Companies can join others collaborating on research.


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